We like to think we're different - in good ways

The following are a few things we take very seriously: 

We aim for mastery

Mastery is “the urge to get better and better at something that matters.” That idea is at the core of our company culture.  Everyone on our team must ask if they’re being as efficient as possible; if they’re improving all the time; or if there’s a better way to do something.  
What’s the payoff? We make things look fluid and easy. Think of the hurdler. If s/he didn’t master each technical step from starting blocks to finish line, how would that race look? 

We take an owner’s perspective

We have been through the construction process ourselves, so we know all about the disruptions, the mess, the scheduling, the cost, the decision-making, and on! We do our best to ease the stress of living through a project by: 
-staying on time and on budget 
-keeping all appointments
-following through on every
conversation or decision  
-being thorough and precise  
-tidying up at the end of the day  

We communicate well

We invest time and energy into delivering clear lines of communication, because we believe that’s the best way to rapidly build trust among builder, clients and trades. We:
-define goals and expectations
-keep everyone involved
-listen and show empathy
-have systems and processes in place to ensure communication is effective.